Editing: Books


As a line editor, Dina works directly in clients’ manuscript documents, using Track Changes and Comments in Word. She looks for discrepancies in plot or organization, suggests rephrasing or word changes, asks questions about character motivations, helps to maintain narrative voice, highlights inconsistencies, points out “telling” versus “showing,” and checks the overall narrative flow of the manuscript. She works with both fiction and nonfiction writers.

Editing clients choose one of two arrangements:

1) Hire Dina to produce a line-edited manuscript along with a multipage review document that provides a summary of what’s working and not working as well as recommendations on how to make the manuscript more compelling.

2) Hire Dina for a more personalized approach. Dina guides clients through the editing of their manuscripts, chapter by chapter, so that they can learn from their mistakes, hone their craft, and grow as writers throughout the process.